How about getting to know our hotel closely with our photos that will reinforce your holidayexcitement?

Our spiral-style staircase and wooden steps which is built in a manner specific to the ancient Greekculture, welcomes our guests at the entrance of our hotel with a highly aesthetic scene. Situatedright next to this magnificent staircase, you will find the silk fabric painting of the honored artistGünseli Toker and the wooden design work of the famous ceramic artist Cahide Erel. These artworks,while being the center of attention of art lovers, add a warm detail to our hotel decoration.

Our spacious rooms with wooden floors and high ceilings illustrate tranquility and comfort with all itssimplicity.

The walls of our breakfast room, decorated with the original garlic stone, keep this area cool duringthe summer season and offer a peaceful breakfast pleasure to our guests. Speaking of breakfast ofcourse, the most important of all is our unique Aegean breakfast buffet, which we enrich every daywith homemade products. Our breakfast variety will provide a boost to start the day right and appealto both eye and taste, becoming the most memorable part of your holiday. Our delicious flourpastries, warm pastries, famous Ayvalık olive varieties, our indispensable Ayvalık olive oil and jamvariety, will crown your breakfast in the morning. We carry the bread from the historical Cumhuriyetbakery on our street, and our olive oil from Ayvalık from our own brand @oleabygirinti to your table.