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About Us

Welcome to Güle Hotel

Güle Hotel Cunda

Special Services

Güle Hotel Cunda offers two special services to make a perfect holiday;


It is among our priorities that our guests who travel with cars do not face difficulties whilst parking. It can be troublesome to find a parking space in the charming narrow streets of Ayvalık Cunda Island. Since we want our guests to focus only on their peaceful holiday, we abolish this problem by providing parking service. We also provide easy and fast transportation to our hotel with our ATV engine service.


We are offering Zodiac tour service to our guests who are curious about other famous islands of Ayvalık, who want to see and photograph, and on condition that a reservation is made in advance;

  • Small Tour: We provide the opportunity to swim among the bays of the island with an enjoyable 3-hour trip with Zodiac boats.

  • Big Tour: We provide the opportunity to explore the different bays of Ayvalık and swim in the sea with a four-person big tour that lasts from 12:00 in the morning until 17:00 in the evening.

  • Fishing Tour: We are preparing a two-person fishing tour for our guests who want to experience fishing off the Aegean Sea.


Precautions We Have Taken For COVID-19 Pandemic

The hygiene and trust rules that will make you feel at home from the moment you enter our hotel are extremely important to us. For this reason, we approach the Coronavirus pandemic process, which we know that is also closely followed by you, with great care and delicacy, taking into account the procedures implemented by the Ministry of Health and Tourism.

While contributing to your dream vacation, we think of your health as much as we think of your comfort. As Güle Hotel Cunda, we would like to inform you of our hygiene practices against the Coronavirus;

  • We keep our rooms sanitary through waiting for a sufficient amount of time since we revised our check-in and check-out times.
  • We pay attention to safe social distance in our common areas.
  • We have hand sanitizers in all the common areas of our hotel.
  • We execute our buffet service by bringing food to the tables.
  • Our kitchen and hotel staff use protective and sanitary equipment.
  • Kitchen and all our areas are disinfected periodically.
  • Every time our guests enter our hotel, we measure their fever with an electronic thermometer.
  • We disinfect by utilizing ULV machines.
  • We wash our textile products including bed sheets, pillowcases, towels at 90 degrees temperature.
  • We use cleaning products approved by the Ministry of Health.
  • We provide our guests with masks.
  • We make sure to supply disposable cleaning materials in our hotel rooms.